Video ‘Whever I Go’ is nominated best Power Metal video of the year

Facebook-site “The History Of Metal”, focused on metal videos, have nominated Wherever I Go as one of the best Power Metal videos of the year (2012). Please visit The History Of Metal on facebook and scroll down to the specific Shadows Past-post to vote for us! One like = one vote.

Thanks all for voting on us!

Release date and album cover for ‘Perfect Chapter’

ShadowsPast_PC_coverRelease date has finally been set for the awaited full-length album ‘Perfect Chapter’. In March 29 it will finally be released worldwide on Doolittle group.

Pre-order here

There are lots of things going on right now and there will be more great news in brief.

Read more about Perfect Chapter here


Shadows Past on Bruno Monteiro news site

Hey all!

Shadows Past is featured on Bruno Monteiro metal site regarding the contract signing with Doolittle group. You can read it Here!

Take care!

A summary of 2012

As we have reached the end of 2012 it is time to sum it all up, and even though we haven’t been busy in the stage light alot of other things has happened.

One year ago Shadows Past were doing the final touch on the recordings of our album and in march all recordings were done and it was time to mold it all together. Erik at Blowout Productions did a great job and the album was finished in early summer.

After playing a gig in june it was time to do the dirty work and during this fall it has all been about finding a label with enough sense to release our album. And finally…

2013 is yet an unwritten paper for us but we promise you that there will be gigs, writing of new metal pieces and of course, the release of our debute album!

Shadows Past wish you all a Happy New Year!!

Shadows Past on Tarrazú news

For you all you spanish-speaking fans there’s a summary on Tarrazú metal site about what’s new with Shadows Past. Check it out Here!


Closing in on a milestone

This week has been all about discussions and planning.
Discussions and planning around live dates for 2013, goals for 2013, and much of the everyday stuff that needs to be taken care of.
We really can’t tell you guys much more at the moment, no matter how much we want to, but we are closing in on a milestone.

Stay Cool!

//Patrik – SP

A weekly update

Hello everyone! I thought i´d take some time to sum up the week for ya all.
As we’re approaching Christmas times and a new year is lurking around the corner, Shadows Past has been busy making plans for 2013.
Unfortunately for all hard working bands and musicians, the musicianship isn’t only about making great music and playing to people, which we love the most, but also about dealing with record labels, having a place to rehears, marketing and keeping up the flow in social media.
This week we have put a lot of attention to all of the above.

We are still discussing a record deal since we are very eager to get our completed album out “on the shelfs”.
We are also in the process of moving to a new rehearsal studio where we can keep on smithing new songs and and continue to evolve the Shadows Past sound. And of course play around with all those crazy jams we frequently end up in out of nowhere:)

We have also messed around with this very website, even though its not viewable yet, we plan on some updates to show the constant flow of social media and to fix some graphical flaws.

Do not forget to check us out on twitter and facebook to get frequent updates!

Have a great sunday!

/Patrik – SP

Ola appears on chilean metal album

Check out new recording of Chilean metal band Magma Lake. Ola is doing a guest appearance on the track “Beyond this Path”.
Hear the song and check out the album here.
Magma Lake

Shadows Past on Instagram

Make sure to follow Shadows Past on Instagram. We’ll update you with pics from rehearsals, gigs, and everything that happens in between!

Take care dudes!

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