Planning 2014

Quite some time have past since we hade any updates here. We are sorry for that but we have had some really low action months with only kinda dull stuff happening. Lots of moving carpets, moving gear, moving papers and furnitures.

Now however, its time to stop moving for a while and instead let you know about our plans for 2014.

All of you who follow us on Facebook probably know already that we have moved to a new rehearsal studio. A bigger one all for ourselves! This Tuesday we met all five for the first time this year in our new shadows past HQ, starting to draw up the plans for the year. It felt really refreshing getting back together and to start planning and to look forward for whats to come.

During this spring we will finish writing 10 new songs for the next album. We will then start the recording process during the summer. Yay!

We will also try to get a new video recorded in the coming month.

We currently have no gigs planned since we put all our energy in new songs and planning for the recording but hopefully we will be able to throw some gigs during the year. Playing live for you all is what we love the most!

We’ll keep you posted every time a new small milestone is reached and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for frequent updates!

Until next time, Ta-Ta!

/Patrik on behalf of Shadows Past.

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