Planning 2014

Quite some time have past since we hade any updates here. We are sorry for that but we have had some really low action months with only kinda dull stuff happening. Lots of moving carpets, moving gear, moving papers and furnitures.

Now however, its time to stop moving for a while and instead let you know about our plans for 2014.

All of you who follow us on Facebook probably know already that we have moved to a new rehearsal studio. A bigger one all for ourselves! This Tuesday we met all five for the first time this year in our new shadows past HQ, starting to draw up the plans for the year. It felt really refreshing getting back together and to start planning and to look forward for whats to come.

During this spring we will finish writing 10 new songs for the next album. We will then start the recording process during the summer. Yay!

We will also try to get a new video recorded in the coming month.

We currently have no gigs planned since we put all our energy in new songs and planning for the recording but hopefully we will be able to throw some gigs during the year. Playing live for you all is what we love the most!

We’ll keep you posted every time a new small milestone is reached and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for frequent updates!

Until next time, Ta-Ta!

/Patrik on behalf of Shadows Past.

Thank you for joining us on this awesome night in Stockholm

October 24th we we’re taking a break from songwriting and such business we’re currently up to and instead we hit the stage at Pub Anchor in Stockholm again. And what a night we had! Thank you everyone for coming to join us on this magical evening. You can’t even imagine the feeling of seeing the place get filled up with people in Shadows Past t-shirts!
Now, back to writing songs and preparing for the new music video shooting!

C ya!

Full house on Pub Anchor

At around midnight on June fifth we entered the stage on Anchor and the following hour we had a blast. The headbangers on the front rows gave it all and made us rock even harder and unfortunate for the people still waiting outside, the place was fully crowded.

Hail to all of you rocking with us and spread the word if you enjoyed it as much as we did and as you showed on this awesome night!


Shadows Past

Perfect Chapter now on Spotify

Perfect Chapter now on Spotify

For a signed physical copy, check out the Store!

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone of you who showed up at our release party last Friday at Nalen Klubb in Stockholm.

Because of YOU we had the most wonderful night and it felt so amazing to stand in front of the most amazing audience we’ve ever had, and to get the chance to party with you guys after the show!

We cannot say enough what a great night we had and we hope to see you soon again! Next show, as it seems at the moment, will be in May 18th, at Zamora rock bar in Upplands Väsby just outside Stockholm together with Devils Train (feat. Jörg Michael and Jari Kainulainen, ex. Stratovarius) and Lancer. Hope to see you there and once again – Thank you!

Edit: the show at Zamora Rock Bar is postponed until after the summer but we WILL play at Harry B James in Stockholm some date in June. Gig dates will be added under Shows section when we have dates booked.

Shadows Past webshop is now up and running

New merchendise arrived a few days ago and now you can buy them online via The Shadows Past webshop.

We’ve got t-shirts, girlies t-shirts and of course our newly released album Perfect Chapter in the shop so far.

Thank you for supporting us!!!

Teaser video for Perfect Chapter


So, it’s only two more days of painful waiting until the album is finally released. To help you get through these days a little easier we did a teaser video with sneak peaks from some of the songs on the album.

Check it out and feel free to spread it on those metal forums you’re hangin’ out on!

Shadows Past Announcing Release Party

The time has come for the event we have been waiting for, for quite a long time now and we are very eager to announce the Perfect Chapter Release Party.

All you readers and Shadows Past followers are more than welcome to bring your friends and join us for the Party at Nalen in Stockholm on the 12th of April. Except for a great time with friends, good music and a beer, you will find the album and cool merch for sale. And of course we will play live!

Have a look at the cool poster for details.

See you there, Hiya!


Video ‘Whever I Go’ is nominated best Power Metal video of the year

Facebook-site “The History Of Metal”, focused on metal videos, have nominated Wherever I Go as one of the best Power Metal videos of the year (2012). Please visit The History Of Metal on facebook and scroll down to the specific Shadows Past-post to vote for us! One like = one vote.

Thanks all for voting on us!

Release date and album cover for ‘Perfect Chapter’

ShadowsPast_PC_coverRelease date has finally been set for the awaited full-length album ‘Perfect Chapter’. In March 29 it will finally be released worldwide on Doolittle group.

Pre-order here

There are lots of things going on right now and there will be more great news in brief.

Read more about Perfect Chapter here